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In this fast-paced era, being an outstanding leader requires a toolbox equipped with interpersonal skills that empower you to communicate clearlymanage your emotions and those around you, master your mindset, be a source of enthusiasm and inspiration, make fast, yet effective decisions, provide a sense of community, encourage talents to grow and thrive, all while maintaining balance and flow.

We are all wired differently, resulting in endless personality types, communication styles, goals, needs, and interests.


We all lead in some capacity, be it in the conference rooms, classrooms, our living rooms, or our communities. In order to guide our teams with vision, confidence and integrity, we must first know who we are and understand our own unique individual code before we can mentor and lead others to greatness.


Due to our differences, there are no blueprints for success when it comes to great leadership. However, we know that great leaders are a blend of enthusiasm, authenticity, integrity, passion, vulnerability, and compassion. If you’re ready to reach your highest potential and become the leader you always wanted to have, I can help you get there. My coaching is built on the foundations of neuroscience, communication and conflict management principles.


With 15 years in the Tech Industry, law degrees in two countries, a Masters in Communication and Neurolinguistics, I understand the Science of Leadership and how to crack the unique code of your success.



Hi, I'm Miriam,

I’m a leadership and personal development coach. I empower you with the knowledge and strategies that will help you communicate with confidence, interact with compassion, and lead with enthusiasm so that you can inspire action and co-create change.

Whether you apply your leadership in the boardroom, in the conference room, in the classroom, or in the living room, together we tap into your natural strengths and gifts and bring more of YOU into your personal and professional role.

We are all wired differently, your coaching should be as unique as you are.

When you bring more of YOU into your leadership role,


– embrace your authentic self, no excuses

– focus on possibilities and problem-solving, not problems

– respond, not react

– co-create change and produce ripple effects

– lead, guide, inspire, and motivate

– build meaningful relationships

Programs & Services

Group Workshops

In order for any team to be successful, there must be clear and effective communication, trust, collaboration and great leadership! Our programs and workshops bring new insights to teams, connecting individuals, developing trust and rapport, promoting high engagement and boosting collaboration. 100% custom-tailored programs, you know you are getting what you need.

1:1 Coaching

We are all wired differently, your coaching should be as unique as you are. I support you by providing 1:1 coaching and feedback with the right system, support, and accountability to increase your self-awareness, improve your performance, boost your confidence, expand your skills, and reach your fullest potential!

Online Programs


Working from the comfort and privacy of your own home, my online programs provide step by step processes that will free you to help you develop the skills to communicate with confidence, interact with compassion, and lead with enthusiasm so that you can inspire action and co-create change.

Giving back

Together we pay it forward. When working with me, we give back to those in need around us. I reinvest at least 10% of my profits back into local organizations whose missions focus on the less privileged.


Marin Charitable provides grants to organizations that offer critical support, education and enrichment for school-aged children in Marin County who have limited opportunities.


ExtraFood addresses the critical issues of hunger, wasted food and climate change by rescuing excess fresh food from businesses and immediately delivering it to nonprofits serving Marin’s most vulnerable children, adults, and families.

People talk…

Dr. Stephanie Han, Writer, Speaker and Educator,
Dr. Stephanie Han

Hanna Ashbaugh Donnelly
Hanna Lee Style

Shawna Clingerman, Artist, Creativity Coach and Educator
Shawna Clingerman


“I work in education as the head of my department. I deal with many different personalities on a daily basis. Prior to working with Miriam, I used to dread certain conversations because I knew that they would be tense, go nowhere, and would end in conflict.

Miriam’s coaching has helped me listen more closely to what is being said. I am more able to pick up on critical pieces of information and body language cues that I had previously missed. I am now learning to effectively use these cues to calm the situation and move the dialogue forward in a productive manner.

I no longer shy away from difficult conversations because I feel more aware and have confidence in my abilities.”


Lyn P., Edcucator


“I manage a 10 person team and just like any other team we have our share of conflicts. Miriam focused on the team leads and asked us to describe recent conflicts and how we addressed them. She helped me to put the different personality types into perspective. That helped me understand how wide-ranging my responses to different employees need to be.

I applied her suggestions and it truly worked. I find that conflict in the workplace is never ending and it can be draining so it felt good to discuss tactics for dealing with it with Miriam.” 


John G,  Executive


“Coaching requires that you are able to be open and honest in order to dig deep and learn about yourself and learn how to be a more effective you.  Miriam does not provide answers, magically solve problems, or tell you what you should do.

Miriam’s coaching helps you identify what is out of alignment, set personal goals, and develop your skills.  It is a continuous process of growth and development. If you put in the time and the effort, Miriam will guide and support your journey. It’s been a true game changer in my career.”

Brandy P.


“We have a small business in the food industry. Miriam was essential in helping my business partner and I realize that the main reason for our current disagreements rested on the fact that we never truly discussed the evolution of our roles in the company and were now stepping on each others’ shoes.

Something so simple, yet we could not see it for ourselves.”

Cary, Entrepreneur, Food industry


“Our work together has also been an anchor for remembering that everything felt and experienced passes through the limbic system, as the place where emotions reside.  Keeping this fact in the forefront of my mind focused my efforts on understanding and processing my emotions, as well as helping my students understand and process theirs.

As trust grew between students, and the class culture became more inclusive, I especially noted improvement in the well-being of students with learning differences. Students began to see one another more clearly.”

Maggie, Educator

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