1:1 Coaching

Building a sensible and comprehensive leadership toolbox

In this fast-paced era, in order to be an outstanding leader, one must also be an outstanding individual. Skills that allow you to manage your emotions and of those around you, read and control your environment, communicate clearly and skillfully, provide a sense of community, and allow others to grow and thrive are essential skills one must have.

Change starts with us.

We want to accomplish great things, influence people, lead and inspire nations! But before you can do that we need to master ourselves. We must understand who we are, how our personality affects our communication and interaction with others and which habits have been limiting our growth.

Working with me means that you learn to embrace your innate strengths and develop a leadership style that is as genuine, as it is effective.

Everything we do together is grounded in neuroscience and the unique coding of how your brain works. When it comes to leadership, authenticity is the truest source of power. 

Release old and ineffective habits, get unstuck, communicate with confidence, interact with compassion, inspire action, co-create change and reach your fullest potential.

Results you can expect

By the end of our sessions you will:

  • Have an understanding of how you are wired, of your thought and behavioral patterns and triggers.
  • Understand your emotions and can control them.
  • Have clarity of your personal and professional goals and purpose.
  • Know how to communicate assertively.
  • Feel confident in your negotiation and influence skills.
  • Feel comfortable having difficult conversations and handling conflicting situations.
    • Feel empowered to build trust and create engaging and productive teams.
    • Know how to work through setbacks, stress, and changes.
    • Have overcome mindset blocks and cultivate growth and positive mindset.
  • Have a clear plan of action on how to continue the work we’ve started.

Choose the package that works best for you:

A total transformation

Our sessions are 100% tailor-made to fit your particular needs. We also offer the following specialized coaching:

Enneagram Coaching

The Enneagram is a personality typing tool that helps bring awareness to our unconscious behaviors, patterns, triggers and automatic reactions which directly affect the root of our most common problem: miscommunication.

It allows us to see where we have been holding ourselves back while bringing to light our natural strengths. Effective communication leads to better relationships, increase our bottom line and improve our quality of life!

Facilitation and Mediation

With many different personalities, points of view and needs, any leader, at any moment, will inevitably have to deal with internal team conflict.

To resolve conflict in a group setting, we mediate or facilitate (the conversation). This process addresses chronic friction in a group and offers practical results to change the once difficult dynamic that prevents participants’ growth and success.

Women in Leadership Program

Increase self-awareness, cultivate a growth mindset, enhance emotional intelligence skills, develop assertiveness and self-confidence, and find balance.

Custom-tailored programs designed to equip women with the knowledge and skills needed to step into leadership roles and have far greater impact and broader influence in the workplace and life.

Ready to Make it Happen?

I believe you have what it takes to be an exceptional leader at work,

at home, and in your community.
Let’s get started!