Investing in your best asset: YOU

Why are women in leadership so important?

From professionalism to collaboration, to a supportive management style, to a cooperative problem-solving approach, women possess skills that make them invaluable assets. 

The good, the bad and the ugly

Even though women comprise of almost half of today’s workforce and more women have taken governmental seats, women are scarce among leadership positions worldwide. Researches show:

  • less than 5% are CEOs
  • less than 25% of senior positions
  • only 15% of board of directors seats
  • women still make half as much as men

These numbers are brutal!

However, in thousands of 360-degree reviews, women are rated, in general, much higher than their male counterparts in almost all categories: more efficient, take initiative, more resilient, more supportive, more driven, higher integrity and honesty, more invested in developing self and others, better leadership, better communication, more inspiring and motivating, better problem solver, etc.  

So, why the discrepancy?

“Women make highly competent leaders, according to those who work most closely with them — and what’s holding them back is not lack of capability but a dearth of opportunity.” – Source: Zenger Folkner 2019

Emotional Intelligence






About 90% of the qualifications of a great leader are neither innate intelligence (IQ) nor technical skills. In this new era emotional intelligence (EI) skills, confidence, communication, vision, respect and compassion are the new set of skills required for every great leader.

Emotional intelligence helps you understand how your thoughts and emotions impact your behaviors. It allows you to manage disruptive emotions and impulsive behaviors and intuitively know how others feel. Gauging your organization’s emotional state is a great asset for a leader.

Confidence or unconditional belief in your own abilities (not bragging or being a show-off) helps you to not undermine yourself or others and create a culture that values everyone’s input.

Great leaders motivate, encourage and inspire. They also train people, share new ideas and negotiate. These activities all require excellent communication in order to be successful.

As a great leader and role model, you can inspire others to develop their own set of skills and competencies to succeed in their job and become great leaders themselves.

The good news? These abilities come easier to women. I help you develop and enhance these leadership competencies so that you too can take your seat at the table.


I got you.

When working with me

  • Learn new behaviors that will significantly improve your success and effectiveness

  • Understand how your emotional state affects your effectiveness and relationships and take control.

  • Become a compassionate leader who is aware of others, is kind and supportive of others.  

  • Become a source of inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, and motivation.

  • Achieve your full potential, reach your goals and be as effective as you could be.

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are an excellent leader.”

– Dolly Parton

Ready to Make it Happen?

You have what it takes to live your best life ever and to be an exceptional leader.

Let’s chat and figure out where to start.  

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