Hi, I’m Miriam

With 15 years in the Tech Industry, law degrees in 2 countries, a Masters in Communication and Neurolinguistics, I understand the Science of Leadership and how to crack the unique code of your success.

My Story

I have always been fascinated by how people behaved so differently from one another.

I’m an American citizen, born in Brazil in a Portuguese family (what? yeah, I know…) I somehow understood from a very young age that people had different personalities and if I wanted to be successful in my interactions with them I would have to adjust my communication to the different personality types in order to achieve my goals.

That innate skill turned into a passion and my life purpose.

I am a lawyer, mediator, linguist, writer, and certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), emotional intelligence and Enneagram practitioner and coach (what can I say? this girl loves to learn!) helping people be successful in their communication and interaction with others.

15 years of experience leading teams in the fast-paced tech industry have taught me that understanding, respect and flexibility (and great communication skills) are some of the essential skills necessary to be successful at work and life.

I help you understand how your unique communication style and thought patterns impact your life and your interaction with others. We can change the habits and mindset that no longer serve you so that you can communicate more confidently and effectively, move the conversation forward, become more influential and inspiring, and create a ripple effect to co-create change.

C-level executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, educators, moms returning to the workforce have all benefitted from my unique guidance.


I combine neuroscience, communication skills, coaching principles and intuition to help my clients shift and reframe their mindset, handle difficult situations, improve their relationships and reach their goals.

Why Work With Me

We are all wired differently, your coaching should be as unique as you are

I am passionate about helping people feel confident and empowered in their abilities to lead and live life, and most importantly, to cultivate relationships that are meaningful.

If doing the same thing over and over is not getting you anywhere anymore, it’s time to change.

I help you understand how your unique communication style and thinking patterns impact your life and your interaction with others and change the habits and mindset that no longer serve you so that you can achieve your full potential, reach your goals and create change.

My Process: The R Triple Threat 




Discovery + Breakthrough Phase

  • Learn how YOU are hard-wired
  • Understand how you interpret and lenses you see the world through
  • Identify and uncover
    1. Thoughts patterns
    2. Triggers
    3. Behavioral Patterns
    4. Blindspots
    5. Natural Strengths


Behavior + Habits  
Building Phase

  • Identify Goals
  • Identify Purpose, Mission, and Vision
  • Align goals with purpose and mission
  • Apply new tools, strategies, and practices
  • Rewire Patterns using Neurolinguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence strategies
  • Rewire the brain and create new habits


+ Effects Phase

  • Mindset and patterns have shifted
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with empathy and respect
  • Improve interpersonal interactions
  • Become influential and inspiring
  • Lead with confidence and compassion
  • Be the change: create a ripple effect on others
  • Move the conversation forward
  • Build collaborative teams
  • Enjoy happiness, health, abundance, and success

“My work with Miriam helped me bring my strengths into my leadership style.” – Maggie, Educator

Publications I’m Featured In:

The Art of Being Here & Now

So simple, yet, so well written by many contributors from around the globe. Learn the science, the art and the practice of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Each one of us, as different from each other as we are, have the power to be the architects of our mind.

California Mathematics Council Magazine

“Middle School Learning Communities”, by Brandolyn Patterson

September, 2019

The importance and impact of integrating social-emotional intelligence skills in learning experiences in middle school.

California Mathematics Council Magazine

“Instructional Techniques for a Collaborative Classroom”, by Brandolyn Patterson

December, 2019

The importance and impact of applying communication and collaboration strategies (emotional intelligence competencies) in instructional techniques to build collaborative classrooms. 

Your communication style guide eBook

In-depth understanding of the 4 main communication styles, their relationship to one another, their impact on people, plus tools, tips and strategies on how to apply the right communication style to the right situation at the right time.

Ready to Make it Happen?

I believe you have what it takes to be an exceptional leader and to live your best life.

Let’s chat and figure out where to start.  

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