The Enneagram: 

Personality and Mindset

Cracking the code of your unique communication and leadership style

You have been doing everything right: you have the certification and skills to accomplish the tasks, your performance is good, you have good relationships at work, yet, you are not where you thought you would be at this stage.

Enough of that.

It’s time to change things once and for all!

Master your mindset! 

Your mindset is the collection of beliefs and attitudes that serve as lenses for how you interpret the world around you.

It is so influential! On a personal level, it determines how you think and interpret situations; your emotional reactions; the decisions you make, and the actions you take. It directly impacts the quality of your relationships, your interactions, and the way you lead. 

On a bigger scale, mindset sets the tone for your business and determines the kind of experiences your people have in their work and lives.

Understanding how you and each individual you work with are hard-wired will help you achieve better rapport, increased performance, efficiency, harmony, satisfaction, and ultimately, big success.

How it Works

We use different tools for the different desired outcomes.

Assessment tools such as The Enneagram Personality Type, 360° Leadership Feedback, and Thomas-Kilmman Conflict Type, help us understand how you are hard-wired and what habits you have developed through the years, and provide straightforward and intuitive multi-source feedback to help us quickly identify your leadership strengths, effectiveness, influence levels, challenges,  and your developmental needs.

Using strategies rooted on neuroscience, we uncover belief systems and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you and your team. The goal is to create new neural pathways that will help you achieve your full potential and reach your goals. 


Discovery + Breakthrough Phase

  • Learn how YOU are hard-wired
  • Understand how you interact with others and the world
  • Identify and uncover:
    1. Thought patterns
    2. Triggers
    3. Behavioral Patterns
    4. Challenges
    5. Natural Strengths


Building Phase

  • Identify Goals
  • Identify Purpose, Mission, and Vision
  • Align goals with purpose and mission
  • Apply new tools, strategies, and practices
  • Rewire Patterns using Neurolinguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence strategies
  • Rewire the brain and create new habits


+ Effects Phase

  • Mindset and patterns have shifted
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with empathy and respect
  • Improve interpersonal interactions
  • Become influential and inspiring
  • Lead by example
  • Be the change: create a ripple effect on others
  • Enjoy happiness, health, abundance, and success

We will develop and improve your emotional intelligence, self-confidence, influence levels and communication in a way that compliments your natural strengths and personality.


I used to dread certain conversations

“I work in education and I am the head of my department. I deal with many different personalities on a daily basis. Prior to working with Miriam, I used to dread certain conversations because I knew that they would be tense, go nowhere, and would end in conflict.  Miriam’s coaching has helped me listen more closely to what is being said. I am able to pick up on critical pieces of information and body language cues that I had previously missed. I am now learning to effectively use these cues to calm the situation and move the dialogue forward in a productive manner.

I no longer shy away from difficult conversations because I feel more aware and have confidence in my abilities.”

Lyn, California

Miriam holds space to allow conflict to come out and resolution to be reached

Miriam truly understands the purpose of mediation as an alternative to civil litigation as a dispute resolution. She is on my short-list of mediators to present to opposing counsel for selection. Her ability to hold the space to allow contentious and emotional conflicts to come out while still controlling the situation and allowing the parties to reach resolution is complemented by her ability to actively listen in order to identify pertinent questions to get to the root of the issue, resulting in an “Ah-Ha” moment that seems to be the precipice after which the issues almost sort themselves.

Lara P., Attorney, CA

Something so simple, yet we could not see it for ourselves

“We have a small business in the food industry. Miriam was essential in helping my business partner and I realize that the main reason for our current disagreements rested on the fact that we never truly discussed the evolution of our roles in the company and were now stepping on each others’ shoes. Something so simple, yet we could not see it for ourselves.” 

Cary, Hawaii

Ready to make it happen?

Discover your unique leadership code through working with your enneagram type.

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