Quiz: what's your communication style?

Aggressive? Avoiding? Accommodating? Collaborative?
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Bringing it all into focus

Effective communication improves interpersonal relationships, builds trust and rapport, encourages respect, cultivates collaboration, boosts team performance, prevents costly mistakes, and ultimately gets things done!

Independently of your leadership role, identifying your communication patterns is a key first step in becoming a great leader.

This quiz will help you identify and better understand your communication patterns and how they impact others.

Quiz Instructions

The quiz consists of 24 sets of paired statements that describe various ways people communicate with one another under different circumstances.

Carefully, read each pair of statements. Pick the statement that best fits the way you communicate. There will be times when neither statement describes perfectly how you communicate, in this case, pick the one that fits best.

Do not overthink this. You know how you communicate, be honest and choose the statement that describes how you actually communicate as opposed to how you wish to communicate.

The more honest you are, the better you understand yourself and the better you will know how to change the behaviors you no longer want to keep.

Be a step ahead

Learn about the 4 styles and their relationship with one another, understand their impact on people and choose which ones to apply from situation to situation in this short report so you can choose how to respond.

Gain in-depth knowledge

You are ready to master the art of communication! I got you covered!

Purchase my eBook for in-depth knowledge of the 4 communication styles, their relationship to one another, their impact on people, plus tools, tips and strategies on how to apply the right communication style to the right situation at the right time.

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Improving your communication style is just a click away.

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