What’s your communication style?

Your communication style is generally collaborative.


Collaborative communication shows high concern for self and high concern for the other (opposite of the avoiding style). You pursue your own interests and concerns while at the same time interested in the other person’s interests and concerns. The interaction is usually viewed as a win/win situation because everybody gets what they want.

In collaborative communication, you openly express personal feelings, wants, concerns and needs while seeking those of the other person. You look for mutual understanding. You respond spontaneously rather than interrupting or hesitating, you speak in a conversational tone rather than loud or soft; you address and stay focused on the real issues rather than talking past or avoiding them. You also ask for the other person’s input and collaboration to the communication.

You are most likely to achieve your goals; will feel good about yourself and about the exchange; may feel in control and confident of your abilities to handle any situation while making the other person feel self-affirmed, free to express opinions, wants, and needs, and are likely to develop a good relationship.


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