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Developing an attitude of gratitude takes time but is the easiest and simplest way to improve your life. Period.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero


I have written about the benefits of gratitude many times before, here, here and here. And here I am, writing another post on the benefits of a gratitude practice but it is simply because this practice works!!! It yields a ton of positive and effective results for our personal and professional lives.

As I write this post, there are thousands of science-backed articles all over the internet for you to read from, and I highly recommend you do, because they provide a great amount of helpful information.

Gratitude practice really works!!!

It yields positive and effective results. It makes people feel valued and engaged!

I have seen and experienced, personally and as a coach, the effects a gratitude practice can make.

As a result, I would like to share with you what my clients have experienced with a daily gratitude practice. After a year of practice, this new habit has changed their lives and businesses or workplace.

Better problem-solver: find clarity and define priorities in the midst of complex life events

“This was the hardest year of my life. I feel a lot better and less lonely. You helped me organize my time and energy by suggesting strategies to move forward(…) (Gratitude) journaling allowed me to gain clarity to navigate out of a difficult situation and into a new way of thinking about my priorities.” Stephanie, published author, HI

Awareness of emotions and reduce conflict

“I find myself witnessing the effect in my own body as I feel confronted in different conversations, I feel the discomfort rising from deep in my abdomen and just this awareness is buying me time to pause, reflect, regroup and remain in the conversation from a more balanced perspective. I am able to listen, think and then respond. The 5-minute journal adds a ton of value to my self-witnessing. Thank you.” Jim, executive consultant, CA

Control emotional response and overcome panic attacks

“I am now able to stop and notice what’s happening around me, so I guess I would say awareness of my environment and myself has been the most impactful with the gratitude practice. I am able to think before responding. I don’t panic anymore when I am having difficult conversations. I can see solutions.” Lynn, educator, CA

Reduce stress and build self-confidence

“I could not see beyond the “fog of confusion” that was my life. The journal and breathing techniques help me build stability within myself, lower my stress, find ease and answers within myself. I now carry the practice of gratitude journaling with me wherever I go. I feel happier and more confident. Thank you!” non-profit business consultant, CA


Amazing results, right? And these are just a few to give you an idea of how developing this habit has truly impacted real people!

I won’t fool you, cultivating a new habit is hard, it requires perseverance and motivation. My clients put in the work, but they continue to reap the benefits from it to this day!

And so can you!

Shawn Achor says that once we change the lens of which we see the world, we will be able to change our happiness and, consequently, our success.


I am offering you the lens!

Join me in The Gratitude Week Project, starting November 11th.

It’s a 7-day project to help you kick-start your gratitude habit so that you too can make statements like those of my clients!


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